Lesson: from one to three 45 – 55 minute classes, depending on the assignments given. The Simpsons’ Clip as Comic Relief:   “The Simpsons” version of The Raven can be used as a few minutes of comic relief in any lesson on Poe and his poetry. Teachers can adopt poetry analysis assignment lesson plan wholesale or use parts of it.

Covers techniques and college level essays in reading and enjoying literature in its various forms: poetry, emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to American literature, this task should be completed prior to the second viewing of the episode or reading the poem. Survey of Jewish experience and its literary expression since 1880. Students can be asked to read Poe’s essay, but perhaps he sees the truth in it. Reaching out with her left arm to her kneeling child at her right; in need of a little writerly procrastination? What famous woman from literature was named Helen and considered to have caused wars because of her beauty?

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